DIY Magnetic Spice Jars

DIY magnetic spice jars have grown to be a favorite way of storing your spices for many decades. There’s absolutely no reason to obtain commercial jars which can be large and bulky, particularly if you have limited counter space. It’s also wonderful to have the ability to customize your gift with a name or logo that you know that the receiver will like. Many people who buy these as presents additionally delight in trying the magnetic spice jars. If you choose this method, you’ll want to make sure you label them properly so that it is clear what’s in the Spice jar.

DIY spice jars

Many people decide to use their diy magnetic spice jars like a chalk board decoration. You can first tape the glass on the outside of the box to generate a carton and after that you merely work with a permanent marker to write on the glass. You are able to work with a permanent marker or markers with black ink or colored black ink. This makes a superb chalk board that can be seen from all angles and you’re able to utilize your imagination once you develop with what to compose it.

Yet another option for making a chalkboard tag is to use regular safety labels that you could buy in your regional craft store. These tags were created especially to fit at the surface of a jar and they don’t need to get removed if you are ready to use your own spices in a dish. You can either buy the labels separately or you may opt to get them included in a kit. You’ll likely discover that your local craft store has these kits readily available, which means you can well be able to select the type of tags which you just prefer.

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